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Sitecoresym: Sitecore & Vercel

What is headless?

Headless provides a decoupling from your content and whatever service that wants to consume that content.

Sitecore Headless Services provides a suite of services, APIs, and software development kits that allow you to develop decoupled applications such as websites. This transforms Sitecore into a headless content management system.

Symposium Session Highlight

There will be an interesting session at the Sitecore Symposium by Dave O'Flannigan (Sitecore Chief Product Officer) and Guillermo Rauch (Vercel CEO) called: Frontend fabulous: How Sitecore and Vercel are driving digital differentiation for global brands

I hope to get some insights in how Sitecore Headless Services are used together with Vercel, the perfect platform to deploy and host websites.

Learn more about Sitecore Headless development

Watch this 22 minute video by Nick Wesselman, ex-Principal Product Manager @Sitecore

Or have a look at this article from Sitecore about deploying to Vercel:

Walkthrough: Deploying JSS Next.js apps to Vercel
Deploy a JSS Next.js app to Vercel and configure webhooks for automatic redeployments