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My name is Koen Heye. I'm a Belgian .NET Developer, Sitecore Solutions Architect and SUGBELUX board member. Have fun reading all about Sitecore on my blog!

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Multiple versions of the Sitecore Install Framework

So last week, I tried to install some SOLR cores by using the SIF framework for a 9.0.2 installation of Sitecore. Unfortunately, I kept getting an error while executing my install scripts (both xconnect-solr.json and sitecore-solr.json…

Symposium 2018 Orlando - Day 1 Sessions

Previous post about the Symposium Day 1 keynotes Day 1 - Sessions Tuesday 9 October A quick talk about how sessions are organized on the Symposium. As mentioned, there are 2 hotels where sessions were held and they can be…

Symposium 2018 Orlando - Day 1 Keynotes

Symposium 2018 Orlando - Day 1 Keynotes

The venue From the 9th untill the 11th of October, the Sitecore world was looking with forward to what the Symposium will bring. And this year was definitely better than the event in Las Vegas last year. Although the location…