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My name is Koen Heye. I'm a Belgian .NET Developer, Sitecore Solutions Architect and SUGBELUX board member. Have fun reading all about Sitecore on my blog!

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PowerShell Extensions - get a setting

I needed to get a Sitecore setting in my PowerShell script and couldn't find any other online documentation. So hopefully this helps someone. And it is easy to achieve: $mailServer = [Sitecore.Configuration.Settings]::GetSetting("MailServer") $mailServer…

Sitecore Docker - increase SOLR JVM

Sitecore Docker - increase SOLR JVM

By default the solr containers that get started will be assigned 512MB of memory.   For the project we are migrating we have several custom indexes and we could use some more memory when all those need to be reindexed. After…

From Droplist to Droplink

During some maintenance on older projects, I came across the usage of the Sitecore field Droplist. This immediately triggered my spidey sense! Droplists can be used in a project but they have a major drawback. They only stores the String…