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Sitecore MVP 2024 blog posts

Sitecore Content Hub - Show products as a facet filter in search
I’m working on a Sitecore Content Hub implementation and we wanted to have Products selectable as filter in the Search component for a custom entity that we created. By default however, M.PCM.Product cannot be selected in the Search component. Product is not in the list of Taxonomy items:
Sitecore Content Hub - relationship not visible in search
A short little post since I noticed something important in the documentation and in my test environment as well. I had a use-case where an entity definition needed to have a link to M.UserProfile. Initially my relation set M.UserProfile as a child of my custom entitiy definition. However,
Sitecore XM Cloud URL overview
Hi all, since I’m beginning my journey into Sitecore XM Cloud. I wanted to blog shortly about the different domains/urls that Sitecore uses. And which you will come across when working with XM Cloud. Switching from classic Sitecore XP to XM Cloud can overload you with new information. So
Sitecore Content Hub - nested search component for users in a usergroup
We have a custom entity called Document in our ContentHub setup. Which has a relation to User, the field is called UserToDocument internally and its displayname is “Owner”. We want editors - who are the creators of a Document - to be able to select an Owner. And this isn’t
Sitecore Content Hub - editing the User schema definition
The User schema is locked in Content Hub! See for yourself: {your-content-hub-environment}/en-us/admin/definitionmgmt/detail/4 Locked, so this means that you cannot add properties/members on it directly. But there are several other ways in which you can add properties to it. Just not so direcly as…
Sitecore Content Hub - State Flows
Let’s start by learning what a State Flow in Sitecore Content Hub is! State flows allow you to guide your Content Hub users in any custom way that you want. It provides clear steps to go from 1 state to another and provides a nice way to control how your
CH export/import quirk - custom homepage & user groups
The imports happen in a very specific order. And in my case, I created a custom homepage that should only be visible to users with a certain role. So I created a new custom role and custom homepage on my test environment. And then created an export package. Overview of
CH - Creation component update November
Short post to let everyone know that Content Hub included a change to the Creation component which affected my Content Hub environments. Since I noticed that my Creation modals didn’t use enough width anymore. I have 2 columns in my modal for creating a product and want it to look
Sitecore XM Cloud - possible issues when starting Docker
I had this blog post in draft for a while since I didn’t feel like it brought enough to the table. But, I wanted to have another blog post out for closing the Sitecore MVP application season too. Some of the items are just my own fault when trying to