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CH - Enable State Flows for users

I recently had some issues configuring acces for users using State Flows in Content Hub properly on an environment. So better to inform everyone 😄

I was logged in as a regular user - so not as a superuser. But whenever I opened a page in Content Hub where State Flow transition buttons were added, I got to see this error: Resource can not be found..

This message on its own doesn't say that much. But the console log in the browser showed at least that it had to do with StateMachineConfiguration.

The solution is easy, the user needs to be added to the M.Builtin.SM.Everyone group.

This isn't really explained in the documentation that good. However, you can read about it on the CMP and Draft pages:

User permissions for drafts | Sitecore Documentation
How to configure permissions for users and user groups in relation to drafts.
Security | Sitecore Documentation