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CH export/import quirk - custom homepage & user groups

The imports happen in a very specific order. And in my case, I created a custom homepage that should only be visible to users with a certain role.

So I created a new custom role and custom homepage on my test environment. And then created an export package.

Overview of the export functionality:

Be aware that this does not represent the order of import.
Example from an import below but note that I didn't need to import everything so Script, Media Processing and some others aren't shown here:

You can see that portal_pages is above policies. Policies contain the user groups.

So if you have pages that depend on a UserGroup, you will run into errors when importing the package when that UserGroup doesn't exist yet.

Where the failure states this error:

Quick solution

It was as easy as to reimport the same package a second time. It finished importing the policies the first time so it could continue with the portal pages and find the necessary references.