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CH - Creation component update November

Short post to let everyone know that Content Hub included a change to the Creation component which affected my Content Hub environments.

Since I noticed that my Creation modals didn't use enough width anymore.

I have 2 columns in my modal for creating a product and want it to look pretty for the editors off course. After this update, the modal looked smaller than before.

These are the 2 new settings that were made available:

Has fixed modal width - sets the modal to its maximum size rather than adjusting it dynamically based on its content.
Use the detail page title as the modal title - names the modal after the chosen detail page title.
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Summary of updates in the latest Content Hub releases.

This is how my popup looked before the update:

And after the update of Content Hub, my models - only those from the Creation component btw - looked like this:

Looking at the settings, the window type was set to medium which should be enough for my purposes. Changing the type to Large modal or another value didn't affect the width of the modal!

The solution however is to enable the setting 'Has fixed modal width' which brings back the wanted visual result.

In my opinion, the setting 'Has fixed modal width' should be active by default.